Can you give me a quick overview of the school?

CVIS is a bilingual/dual immersion school. We have classes from pre-school (3 year olds) through Grade 9. Each of the primary classes (grade 1-6) have two teachers, one native Spanish speaking and one native English speaking. The children spend half the day immersed in Spanish and the other in English. 

In the Spanish-speaking classroom, students study Spanish, Spanish as a Second Language, History and Civics. In the English-speaking classroom they study English- Language Arts, Math, Science, and English as a Second anguage. Additionally students have classes in eco-education, art, and physical education.  When available through work trades with parents or community members we are able to offer yoga and surfing (Grades 4, 5, and 6 only). 

At this time, we have 161 students. 45% of those students are international students (mostly American and Canadian) and the remaining 55% local Mexicans. We offer second language support for both the non-English speaking and non-Spanish speaking students.

For Kindergarten parents: Our kindergarten program consists of three grades K1, K2, and K3. Students are 3 years old in K1, 4 years old in K2, and5 years old in K3. While each class has one designated teacher, students in all three grades are involved in learning activities with each of the kinder teachers.  In kinder, especially, we believe learning happens through play-based activities and our teachers are encouraged to create learning opportunities that are fun, stimulating, and provide the students with rich experiences.

Our community is diverse and full of creative, artistic, caring, compassionate, and hardworking people.  There is a wonderful sense of community in our school, and the student body is unique blend of cultures.