We believe CVIS will provide a critical role to our community now and in the future. We will produce thoughtful, empathetic and inspired individuals who will love to learn.  We will work to bridge cultural and language gaps. We will create a community in which teachers, staff, students, parents and community members work together to build a better place.

This school is just the beginning of what we hope will become a living and growing resource for all those in Sayulita. Beyond providing an educational site, we hope to partner with our community to promote ecological endeavors, art, culture and fun! 


The mission of Costa Verde International School, a living inspiration for a diverse, sustainable community, is to cultivate broad-thinking, multi-cultural learners who are stewards of their local community and the global environment; through holistic and progressive methods to implement a bi-lingual curriculum with a focus on academics, arts, and ecology in a unique sustainable site with an impassioned international staff.

As a school with  grades from preschool through 9th, our aim is to produce healthy, happy and well-adjusted, curious life-long learners. Our target is that each child acquires fluency in a second language and a profound understanding of the necessity for a “green” approach to living. To achieve this, Costa Verde International School is dedicated to a small student to teacher ratio and has focused education on the whole child in an environment designed to develop the talents and skills particular to each individual. School curriculum centers on ecology and respect for the environment. Students learn to analyze and solve problems, rather than simply memorizing facts.