How is the school bilingual?

CVIS is a dual immersion school in Grades 1-9, and a bilingual school in our Kinder program. What’s the difference?  All dual immersion programs are bilingual, but not all bilingual programs are dual immersion. In our case dual immersion means that 50% of each day is taught in English (English reading and writing, Math, Science, Environmental Awareness), and 50% of each day is taught in Spanish (Spanish reading and writing, History, Geography, Civics and Ethics).  The Kinder program is bilingual because, while both languages are used throughout the day, it is not necessarily a 50/50 split.  Children immersed in both of these environments very quickly develop their second language skills.

In Grades 1-6 teachers teach in pairs: Grades 1and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6.  In each pair one of the teachers provides all the English instruction and the other teacher provides all of the Spanish instruction.  Students spend a half day in each of these classrooms, and teachers work together to coordinate themes and teaching approaches.