Costa Verde International school is not a language school, but rather an academic program taught in two languages. To effectively access content, students from 3rd through 9th grade are expected to be proficient in both languages. Student language level is assessed as part of the application process. For more information please make sure you read our Language Requirements section below.

Acceptance to the school is based on applications, evaluation of school records and teacher feedback, and interviews. See below the Enrollment Process Section.

The CVIS Scholarship Program is designed to provide access to local children who are in need of financial assistance, thereby creating a diverse economic population. There are several levels of scholarships ranging from 10% to full scholarship deduction of tuition. We are able to offer these scholarships only because of the generous donations from local humanitarians, foundations, and businesses.  It is important to know that our scholarship program is for local scholars and is not available for families from outside of Mexico.

TUITION INFORMATION (document download):

in English

en Español


January 12th to February 9th Scholarship applications accepted (you may pick up an application at the schools office).

*Scholarship applications will be processed and reviewed February 10th to February 16th.

*Scholarships will be awarded by the schools scholarship committee by February 26th.

*Families will be notified via email by March 2nd and have until March 9th to accept and sign the corresponding contracts with the schools administratives.

Now accepting applications for the 2018-19 School Year!  Many classes already full, apply now.  


All incoming K1 through 2nd grade students will be admitted at any language level and will not undergo language assessment as a condition of enrollment.

All incoming 3rd through 6th grade students must pass the Interpretive Listening section in their second language of the AAPPL at Intermediate Low (I-1) or above for admission. Admission will not be approved until this standard has been met.

All incoming 7th-9th grade students must pass Interpersonal Speaking and Listening of the AAPPL in their second language at intermediate-Mid (I-4) or above for admission. Admission will not be approved until this standard has been met.


Enrollment for new students begin April 16th, 2018.

If you wish to be put on the waiting list you may apply now and submit a payment of $100 USD, Please know that this does not guarantee admission. Students placed on the waiting list will be processed March 19th thru April 13th.

The process includes an administrative conference with parents, contact with student’s previous school, academic and behavioral record review, and language assessment as pertinent.

The application process is rigorous and does not ensure enrollment.

Open enrollments for families who decide to not pay to be added to the waiting list will be available upon availability starting April 16th until classroom is full.

The Costa Verde application process is initiated by filling out the pre-enrollment form (Download the pre-enrollment form)  and emailing it to

All incoming student applications must include:

*2017/18 academic records
*2017/18 behavioral records (or a letter from the previous teacher, director/principal or counselor stating the student does not have a behavior record)
*A letter of recommendation from either the 2017/18 teacher or Director/Principal
*Passing AAPPL results for (3rd-9th grade students only)

Questions about admissions, tuition and fees: