In what ways is the school ecological and/or sustainable?

The school strives to live the ideals of sustainable practice and ecological responsibility.  Our No Waste lunch policy is one example, as are our weekly Environmental Science classes for all students in primary and middle school.  All classes, including Kinder classes, participate in Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots (WEB SITE) program through involvement in a yearly project focussed on people, animals, or the environment.  Examples include: An awareness campaign to reduce the use of plastic and styrofoam in the local community, planting new plants and trees on the local plaza and maintaining the garden, visiting the local primary school each week to share the joy of science explorations (the local school has no science program), and working to strengthen the local recycling program through an awareness campaign and the creation of new receptacles. 

The campus is continually expanding it’s use of recycled and up-cycled items, and it is home to a huge variety of fruting plants and medicinal plants.  We also have an extensive compost which helps to provide the soil we need to maintain our planing beds and to share with the local community.

These are just a few examples of how the school strives to be ecologically minded and sustainably rooted in the community.  New ideas spring forth every day and we work with our students to continue along this important path.