One of the things that makes CVIS such a special school community and not simply another international school is the large number of local Sayulita children who attend on scholarship. Below are just a few comments from the teachers about the Adopt A Scholar children in their classroom. These children have had their tuition paid for annually by their sponsors and the support is opening doors in language, education and socialization. Please consider adopting a scholar - it is an amazing opportunity for everyone.


A has been doing an awesome job as a reading buddy to his first grade partner. He helps keeps his buddy focused and they've done a great job reading together. He enjoys the opportunity to be a leader and example to a younger student. By setting a good example for his buddy he is also getting a lot of practice with his English reading skills! 


E is a kid who has improved dramatically this school year not only with his good behavior but academically and emotionally. He has proven capable of following instructions without the support of others. This opportunity to be in an international-bilingual institution has given E self-confidence and a better foundation. Very happy to see how he grows, he has come a long way just by being in this school. Thank you for his support! 

L is a responsible, punctual girl who worries about learning new things on a daily basis. Her work is neat and clean. She is a kind and happy girl who appreciates her education at CVIS. Thank you for your support!

J never complains about anything. Excellent, positive attitude. Super helpful in class with the teacher and other students. Well behaved, respectful, polite. Loves soccer.


O is super friendly and kind, funny kid, makes jokes. Loves to play soccer and basketball.

M is incredibly kind and polite; well mannered and respectful. A very hard worker in class.

A has many friends in the classroom and is kind and respectful to the other students and adults in the classroom. He is working very hard on his English writing and has extremely neat handwriting! A is also working hard on learning his English alphabet and putting these letter sounds together to make words. He enjoys looking at and reading English books. A is attentive when I read books to the class and participates with ideas when we write stories as a group. I really enjoy having him in English class. Thank you for giving A this opportunity to learn and thrive.

O is always positive and creative. When we did a project about architecture, O was the first to make his model 3D, which inspired many other groups to get more creative with their own projects and got them all more excited about their work. He is a kind and respectful member of our community who gets his classmates thinking in different, interesting ways.  


M is a natural born leader who leads by example. She can do anything she puts her mind to! Loves to dance to Spice Girls and KPop.

S is sometimes shy and timid, but it is not a weakness. She takes time to think and process things. Doing well in English with reading comprehension.

D is the most motivated kid in our class. Always tries his best, gives his 100% in all projects. D is an intelligent kid who shows interest and initiative to work and fulfill all his work efficiently in a timely manner. He is a committed and competent kid who always seeks to be among the first to finish the activities, so that is reflected in the results obtained in this first quarter

image2 (7).jpeg

D is smart, creative, funny, deep thinker. He is fully bilingual, learned English in CVIS and now he is even more comfortable speaking it than Spanish, that is amazing to see.

D is a smart kid who has the conditions to reach his potential and be able to learn new things day by day. He keeps improving his English, really taking advantage of this international-bilingual learning environment. He can develop and acquire great knowledge during this school year, thank you for giving this kid an opportunity.

J has made dramatic improvements with his behavior since the beginning of the year. He now joins us for morning circle and says the "Good Morning" greeting in English as well as participating in the handshake. In August J would not speak any English to me. He now asks questions and answers my questions in English. With each passing day, he is smiling more and more! Thank you for giving J this opportunity to learn and thrive.

  • names changed and photos are not necessarily of children mentioned in order to respect the children’s privacy.