School Store, General Fund and Adopt A Scholar!

The Adopt a Scholar program is designed to provide increased access for local children who are in need of financial assistance, thereby creating a more diverse student population. Local national families must apply for scholarships with an interview of both the parents and the student. An economic evaluation establishes the level of financial support for the student. Financial support is given at the 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% rates. Teachers and administration document the student’s academic and social performance as well as the families financial commitment. Students who receive a scholarship are expected to uphold the values of the school as well as a passing academic grade. All parents of Costa Verde are also required to give a minimum number of volunteer hours back to the school. Through this ongoing program CVIS and our donors continue to support the community by providing access to quality education.


Adopt a Scholar:

    •    Opportunities are available to adopt a scholar throughout the grade school years (K-9th)
    •    Adoptions may support a complete or partial scholarship
    •    Adoptions are confidential unless requested by the family
    •    Full adoptions include annual tuition, school fees, supplies, and a uniform
    •    Donors are asked to commit to student to a natural graduation point
    •    Committed donors are except from future tuition raises

Sponsors receive a bi-annual update on their scholar´s progress

ADOPTION AMOUNTS RANGE FROM 25% ($1,500) to 100% ($5,000)

For more Information on the Adopt a Scholar Program,  please contact CVIS, or call 329 291 3355 or 329 291 3222.

All donations are now tax deductible in the US !